Living Authentically

Fake it til you make it.

Is that not just the worst advice anyone could give? It has paved the way for us to forget who we are and morph into beings we are not. It gives us an excuse to make excuses, to forgo accountability and worst of all it agitates the soul. We should all be living with authenticity, which means aligning your personality with your soul. As children we are sponges and absorb the belief systems, behaviors and habits of those we are surrounded by and at some point we realise it doesn’t feel quite right, which could be for a number of reasons:

  • we don’t like who we are, so we mould our personalities and looks to mirror someone more ‘likeable’
  • we have been taught to be someone we are not, by hiding aspects of ourselves especially if we are not considered ‘normal’
  • we are afraid of being judged, or of not fitting in.

Letting go of the persona you have created or the fictitious traits you have inherited is not easy, but it will be one of the most satisfying things you will ever do for yourself. Be the you that only you can be.

Leave the past where it is. The past cannot determine who you are but you can let it be a part of who you will become. Have you made bad choices, or done things you shouldn’t have? Excellent. Learn from them, don’t do them again.

Live in the moment. Be open, be curious, question everything. Stop focusing on what could be or should be; those are wasted attachments. You only get to live this week, this day, this moment, once. Make it count.You know what works and what doesn’t. Trust in yourself.

Surround yourself with genuine people. Avoiding people who create drama or cause negativity is a gift within itself. Like attracts like and by spending your time and energy on people who are true to themselves will ensure that you stay grounded.

Respect yourself. Know that your opinions and emotions are valid. Know that by simply existing you have impacted this world.

Your value is not measured by your successes or your failures, but by your dedication to your path, whichever path that may be. That is for you to decide. Living authentically is a choice, a conscious choice. To be real. To be honest. To be unequivocally, unapologetically, the only person that you can be, should want to be: you.



21 thoughts on “Living Authentically

  1. great writing! I think the fake it til you make it is more of a business mindset that gets you into a job you know you can do but do not have the exact experience today. All things with perspective and two sides to every coin, but love your insights here!

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    1. Thanks 🙂 While I agree in a business environment it’s probably a great piece of advice, I don’t believe it’s as helpful when trying to remain true to yourself 🙂

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      1. 100% the point I take away from your post is authentic and genuine is the way and I could not agree more. I simply happened to hear a podcast this week about getting a foot in the door by doing that in the business world as they post requirements for jobs that is equal to looking for only a Victoria secret model for a soul mate. Continue dropping knowledge bombs on us. 🙂

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  2. I love this post, such great advice! I think about fake it until you make it as a way to face fears and lack of confidence. Often we, or at least I, have this voice telling us why not to show up and be ourselves. When you are scared or lacking confidence, faking it is showing up anyways. Faking it is saying, “I’m petrified, but I’m going to walk in those doors like I’m not and be me.”

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    1. Thank you Tonya! The issue I have with fakery is when we allow ourselves to become someone we are not to please someone else. I also pretend to be a little braver and a little stronger when I’m scared.. there is nothing wrong with that! 😊

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