Let It Go – Declutter Your Soul

As humans, we collect things. Books, clothes, movies, magnets, habits. Some of these are fine; others are detrimental to our overall wellbeing. Do you ever find yourself burrowing through a closet over-loaded with stuff, searching for something you’re not even sure you still have, finding things you forgot were there? Maybe you will tear everything out and donate it all to charity and clear your space; doesn’t that feel better, lighter? It is the same for our thoughts and habits.

We are constantly changing, adapting, evolving. What worked for us as teenagers doesn’t work for us anymore. How you dealt with an infuriating work colleague two years ago might be different from how you deal with one now. We change without realizing it most of the time, and yet sometimes we can get a bit stuck. Do you know what one of our biggest emotional quagmires is? Letting go.

Routines are comfortable and easy and familiar. Even the ones that are not good for us. Especially the ones that are not good for us. Who wants to be pushed out of their comfort zone? To feel fear and uncertainty and to learn new things?

I think we all do.

It’s time to empty out the soul closet and make way for new, exciting, terrifying experiences that will make your heart and soul very happy.


Eliminate the negative. The more often you think about something, the more you will continue to think about it. Sever that tie. When you find yourself thinking things that are not in alignment with your higher self, stop. Focus on a positive affirmation. Soon, your brain will start to do this automatically.

Turn your attention inwards. Take some time to reflect on your life; the things you say and do that cause you stress. Everything happens for a reason and there is a reason for everything. Learn to spot the triggers that tend to lead you down the path of least resistance.

Communicate honestly. Not just with others, but with yourself. I have a tendency to edit my own thoughts and have only recently begun to keep a journal that I write everything in. Not just the fun and positive things, but the dark and scary thoughts as well. Better on the paper than in my head. There is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Meditate your way to happy. Start making time for yourself, to just be. Meditation doesn’t have to mean sitting perfectly still for ten minutes. My mind tends to wander and more often than not I fall asleep. Meditation aims at achieving an altered state  of consciousness. Basically, being present without thinking too much about things we don’t need to. Swimming, shopping, walking, listening to music. For me, I find myself meditating when I practice yoga. Find what feels good, for you.

Create your own path forward, and let go of everything that isn’t going to serve you while you live to your highest potential. And remember, the journey is the reward. This doesn’t mean don’t set high expectations or big goals or dreams. Dream big. Dream the biggest. Try not to focus on the end result though, on how great life will be once you’ve achieved a particular milestone.

Today is a milestone.



28 thoughts on “Let It Go – Declutter Your Soul

  1. Soooo many good ideas! I’m trying hard to declutter my life and my soul. I need to breathe in more ways than one! Thanks for following Oh, the Places We See. Travel is one way we declutter and enjoy the world!


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