The Beauty of the Brain

Our brains are without a doubt the most complex thing we have yet discovered in our universe. From controlling our entire nervous system through complex brain stem functions that allow us to breathe, feel and blink to creating memories and links within moments. Capable of the most extraordinary of tasks and able to withstand and endure … More The Beauty of the Brain

10 Reasons to Travel

Travelling is good for the soul. Anyone who has ever caught the travel-bug will agree. Whether it’s an excuse to escape, a desire for new adventures or a search for solitude, there are so many reasons to pack your bags and pick a destination! Travel broadens your horizons. Spending time in countries and amongst cultures … More 10 Reasons to Travel

Healing Unresolved Anger

Feelings of anger are normal. Everybody has them; some more than others and at varying stages and intensities of life. Unresolved anger however, is harmful to our bodies physically, mentally and spiritually. In times of stress, which is when our body reacts in a negative way physically or emotionally to an outside influence, we release … More Healing Unresolved Anger